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Naux ll ♀ ll INFP/closet INFJ

Welcome to my page. I'm a short person who draws a lot. I don't upload very often.

I live in Massachusetts. Don't be afraid to talk to me; I'm get along with everyone and I will respond!


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This isn't something that I'm really angry about, but I've been thinking about this lately.

Is anyone bored as hell about the themes and lyrics in modern pop music (or any modern genre in general)? And by that I'm referring to the subject of romance, yes, romance. I get it, there's a high demand for it, young people lap it up like dogs, it's aspects are just controversial enough to generate interest, just enough for people to hate and rant about a particular song or artist on Youtube. Love is was a good topic for songs because it invokes more that one emotion, it's full of angst and adventure.

Because romance is such a complicated and endearing topic that 80% of every modern song in existence has to be about it; because there are never enough love songs to capture it's essence, because it's not like anything else is quite as unique as love, right? Because it would be foolish to focus about the simpler things in life like the sound of rain on a rainy day, or the old homeless man who lives on a bench, or the colors of fall, or the feeling of a leg breaking, or the breaking of a friendship, because those are just one-sentence poems and can't be turned into a song. Because we need lyrics to be about falling in love, breakups, jealousy, hate, because sex is super duper, hunky dory out of this world super gr8 and people just need more and more.

Because poetry never even existed, lyrics need to be blunt to cause a wildfire. Because there's no such thing as platonic love or family love, or love between older couples, those things aren't interesting enough for songs. Maybe artists these days are unable to think of anything else, romance is a staple for them to exploit, it's what their fans want, because they aren't innovators, they don't write the message, they write music notes, and every song needs to be in AABA form. But I've read poems by Hughes and Poe and even Frost and I can tell you that even without computer-generated music in the background, I can almost hear it in my head.

There are so many talented people out there who refuse to be part of the larger, richer crowd, and who never get noticed because maybe their lyrics are just too deep for some people. Now for all you popular artists out there who have already risen to the top through generic music, please, can't you just write one song that doesn't have to do with romance, write about your dog if you have to. I am speechless, I cannot believe not even one of your is talented enough to go a bit deeper, to take a risk, to use your actual voice, and start something a bit different.

Rant over, Chima out.

EDIT: Speaking of which, if anybody knows any good non-love songs or songs about power, pleeease tell me!
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Flayed by Chimaerix



To peel the skin off (a corpse or carcass).

Sorry for not uploading much guys :U

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